An outstanding and comprehensive series of presentations (in Russian only) by George Pemberton, Ichnology Research Group, University of Alberta, Canada.

(Applied Ichnology: use of traces fossils in seismostratigraphy, research and petroleum geology)

(Ichnology and genetic stratigraphy)

( Ichnogenera identification: distinction of the most widespread ichnofauna)

(Shallow Marine and Deltaic)

(Shoreface and Incised Shoreline)

(Brackish environments)

(Estuarine & Brackish) -1

(Estuarine & Brackish) -2

(Cryptic Trace Fossils)

(Deep Sea)

(Bioturbation and Permeability)

(Application of Ichnology in Oil and Gas Exploration: Summary)

Other Examples





Root Structures